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Men's Casual Spring Shoes

Men's Casual Spring Shoes

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Color - Black
Size - 39

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 size 39   40  41 42   43 44
 Foot length(mm)  245  250 255  260  265  270

1.The measurement units of the above data are millimeters;
2. Step on the white paper, use the pen to point out the longest point before and after, the distance between the two points is the correct foot length;
3. There is a slight difference in the size of the left and right feet, which should be based on the data of the larger foot;
4. If the instep is high and the foot type is wide, it is recommended to increase the size-to buy;
5. The measured size should be about the same as the size you usually wear.

Deviations indicate that the measurement method is incorrect or the data is not accurate enough.