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Multifunctional Clothes Storage Cabinets

Multifunctional Clothes Storage Cabinets

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Color - 7 grids-L

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Uses1 for: drawer organizer

Uses2 for: wardrobe organizer

Uses3 for: cabinet organizer

Uses4 for: Closet organizer

Feature 1: Clothes Storage box

Feature 2: Pants organizer box

Feature 3: underwear storage

Feature 4: Bras Boxes

Feature 5: Pants Storage

Feature 6: Underwear Organizer

Feature 7: T-shirt Organizer

Feature 8: Socks organizer

Feature 9: Sweater organizer

Feature 10: bra Organizer box

Feature 11: Scarf Organizer Box

Feature 12: Ties Organizer Box

Feature 13: Socks Organizer Box

Feature 14: clothes Organizer


Product information

Size: 6/7/9/11 Grid Box
Package included: 1 x storage box
1.Store your items with it quickly and neatly
2.It is easy to Easy to fold them ,when not in use to save space smell, washable and durable Suitable for closets drawers
4.Sort your underwear, bras, socks, neck ties, jeans,t-shirt etc

Note: This product is made of non-woven fabric without a support plate. The new storage box needs to be cleaned before use, it's the fabric is relatively soft,after filling it with clothes, the support effect is better.