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Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Light

Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern Light

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Wattage - 40w

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Light Source: LED Bulbs

Certification: UL

Certification: CE

Certification: ce

Certification: UL

Model Number: L0092

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Usage: Portable Camping Lights

Features: Rechargeable

Body Material: ABS

Lighting Period (h): 6

Is Batteries Required: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium Metal

Item Type: Portable Lanterns

Warranty: None

Choice: yes


Portable Camping Lights Rechargeable Led Light Camping Lantern Emergency Bulb High Power Tents Lighting Camping Equipment Bulb

High capacity lithium battery


USB charging

LED chip

Rainproof function

Three-speed adjustment switch

Portable hook

Long battery life

ABS anti-drop light body

Full power can be bright for 6-8 hours

Using high-quality large-capacity 0 lithium battery, faster charging speed and larger storage capacity

matters needing attention:

1. Lighting range of goods, 40W: 1m ³- 3m ³; 60W:3m ³- 5m ³, There are three modes of electric light: high bright, bright and flashing

2. Lighting time of goods: under the condition of full charge, the lighting time can be 5-6 hours, sometimes longer. The bulb will gradually darken after 1-1.5 hours of lighting under the condition of high brightness, so as to make the lighting time of the bulb longer.At the second gear brightness, the lighting time will be longer

3. When you receive the electric light, if it doesn't light up, the light brightness is not enough, and the endurance is short, please don't worry. It may be that the electric light touched the switch during the transportation and consumed electric energy. As long as you fully charge it, it will be brighter, and the endurance will be longer.